Meat bliss

We offer an eclectic range of high-quality meat products from around the world for daily use and special occasions: exclusive cuts and creative proposals ready to cook at home.

Meat bliss

We offer an eclectic range of high-quality meat products from around the world for daily use and special occasions: exclusive cuts and creative proposals ready to cook at home.

La Meat Maison, your deli-butchery

Our stores offer a wide variety of deli products, as well as everyday household consumption meats to exceptional luxury cuts for special occasions.

Our aim is to make sure your experience is complete from the moment you step into our stores: wines, pastas, sauces, condiments, and everything in between is available to accompany our quality meats. Welcome to your one-stop shop where all you need to make a wholesome home-cooked meal is within arm’s reach!


Pork, poultry, lamb, or beef of the highest quality can add that UMPH to your daily cooking. We offer top-quality meats for your BBQ, family stews, warm oven-baked casseroles, roasted or grilled meats, and homey meals.

Beef 1


Discover a variety of cuts originating from dedicated producers from all over the world. Hand-picked farmers providing high-grade beef with rich and authentic taste.
Pork 1


Expect the finest quality pork of Greek and Dutch origin. A taste we all know and love!
Chicken 1


Enjoy our various offerings, from regular to organic and free-range chicken of Greek and Italian origin, as well as the famous French St-Sever with Label Rouge accreditation.
Lamb 2


Our finest Lamb selection of Greek, French and Spanish origin will elevate any dish you create.
Turkey 1


A seasonal product we wait patiently for! Discover our range of Turkeys from the Netherlands and Greece.


Gain access to our extensive portfolio of premium, world-class meats, such as Kobe and Japanese Wagyus, and Olive-Fed Wagyu Beef and Pork, and a wide selection of premium meats sourced from the best farms in the world.

Kobe Ribeye 2


The renowned Kobe Beef originating from Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture, promising rich, buttery flavor and melt-in-your-mouth sensations.
Japanese Wagyu 2

Japanese Wagyu

Exquisite and premium meats of the world; indulge in unique gastronomic experience with exceptionally tender and gorgeously marbled beef.
Olive Fed Wagyu 2

Olive Fed Wagyu

Marrying Greece’s famous olives, Japan’s Tajima cows and the lush meadows of the Netherlands, the Olive-Fed Wagyu stands out for its high-quality marbling, scrumptious juiciness, and breathtaking tenderness.
Australian Wagyu Ribeye 1

Australian Wagyu

One of the most unique and sought-after types of meat from the other side of the world, promising tender texture and intricate marbling.
Black Angus T Bone 1

Black Angus USA

Known for its thin and evenly distributed fat, making its marbling one of its best attributed traits and one of the most popular breeds of cattle in the U.S.
Uruwagyu Tenderloins 1

Uruguay Wagyu and Angus

The new contender in the market
Iberico Pork Chops 1

Iberico Pork

Delightful tenderness that is sure to impress foodies and particularly pork fans. The famous Iberico pork promises a nutty and evocative flavors.
Umami Olive Fed Pork 1

Umami Olive Fed Pork

A new level in succulence and flavour! Using the Duroc breed, famous for marbling and flavour, and consuming Olive Feed as part of the diet for 60 days the pork takes on a softer and juicer texture with an elusive and delectable flavour.
house recipes

House recipes

If we can’t serve it to our families, you won’t find it here. We pride ourselves in creating house recipes that are a perfect complement between the spices and the meat. Our recipes are a labor of love, late night taste-testing, and La Meat Maison approved.

To prep or not to prep

Our recipes do not require any added ingredients. Choose from our wide selection of already prepared dishes in which the only step left is to cook them yourself.

prep or not
cooking is hot

Cooking is hot

Both in temperature and when you do it for others. Cut down on how much time it takes in preparing the food, and add to the time of enjoying the food and the company you’re with.


Bringing out the best in your meat

The highly skilled professional butchers at La Meat Maison Butcheries, are always here to guide you through the meat selections and help you find what best suits your cooking needs.

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